Pattern Glass

Pattern Glass

Traditionally pattern glass products have been used to obscure vision areas requiring privacy but allowing virtually the same light transmission as clear glass. The level of obscurity depends on the pattern which has been imprinted into the glass as it is made. This process of rolling the still hot and soft glass imparts a 3 dimensional texture to one side. The opposite side is relatively flat. The most common use of pattern glass is office screening, decorative partitions, rest room facilities, patio furniture, shower doors and entryways.

Dubuque Glass Company carries a wide variety of pattern glass from 1/8” up to and including 1/2” thicknesses. We can provide a single cut size lite, case quantities, or whole truck loads depending on your needs. Traditionally, there are many different patterns that have been produced by a variety of manufacturers. Some patterns may no longer be produced or available in limited quantities only. Not all patterns or processes are available. Available with common fabrication for holes, notches and hinge cut outs. These products are typically available as both tempered and insulated.

Glue Chip

Pattern 62


Reeded (1/8" or 1/2")


Clear Antique

Ed Hoy Rain